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Guildless on neopets? Come see who's out there!
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"If you're looking for a guild, this is the place to start your search!"
~ neopets.com

This community is designed for people looking to advertise their guild (on neopets.com), or for those searching for the right guild.
Any member can post :)
All guild adverts will be put into the memories so we dont have multiple posts about one guild :) Anyone can view the memories.

Just a few rules...

For those looking for a guild...

* Please do not just post "I'm Guildless" or your post will be deleted.
* Post something specific- for example "I'm looking for a private guild with less than 30 members..."

For Guild owners...
* Please do not reply to every single post that comes in , only reply to those posts which fit your guild.
* Do not spam the lj with your guild advertisements, they will all be listed in the community memories and I will be setting up one big post with guild names and the link to the advertisement.
* Post larger ads under a cut please :)

Other Rules...

* Be nice :)
* Don't "attack" other guilds. If you do this you will be banned.
* Since guilds with contests are against neopets rules, we ask that you do not include this in your advertisement. If you do you will be asked to take your post down and if it happens again you will be banned from the community.

Chances are if its against rules on neopets, its against the rules here.

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Your Mods;

There will be more added as needed.

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