Notepad||Laura (littlestlaura) wrote in guildless,

Alright..I might as well be the first to post an ad :P

Shadowthief Elite

The board ad...

+; PRIVATE, see shadowxthief's petpage - we do have requirements and a quick application, but neither are too too hard :P
+; Friendly/Helpful Council
+; Great Website
+; Guild Donation Shop
+; Painted Pets for Adoption
+; BC Entries Advertisement
+; Awesome Custom Layout
+; Guide to Daily Visits
+; Member Art Gallery
+; Free User Lookups
+; Avatar Lending Program
+; Guild Games

A bit about us..

Owned by lionkid390 , I'm the second in command :P
We have two other amazing council members :) (the last spot is filled by the guild account)
Founded: 01/16/2005
Members: 52 :D

Our website (hasnt been updated in a few weeks because we're in the process of creating a new one o.o)

We also are the proud owners of one of the first baby nimmos, myxsquishy :)

To learn more about us you can see our website, or . Or you could contact myself (for those of you who dont know, I'm Notepad :P aka angel_shaggy_ on neo) or Jamie (lionkid390 on neo) .

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